Hi! 👋

I'm Adam Young, a software developer, photographer, hiker, and occasional runner. I currently work as a Software Engineer at 9fin where I'm working on a bunch of incredible tools and sites built in React.

In my spare time, I'm also working on TrailWise, which you can check out in the projects section below!


Screenshot of the trailwise.io dashboard, with a map in centre and lists of hill groups to the side.

TrailWise is a hiking, gear, and social platform used to track mountain peak summits and trail routes worldwide. Features historical timeline tracking, gear management, trip planning, social integrations and much more!

The site is built with Next.js Server Components, backed by Postgres, Redis, and Vercel.

Screenshot of the photography.adammyoung.com site, with a collage of images filling the screen.

My personal photography site, serving images from Cloudflare R2 and built on Next.js.

Screenshot of the blurdle.adammyoung.com site, with a blurred out picture in the middle of the screen.

Blurdle is a daily browser-based game based on Wordle, in which players try and guess a daily blurred picture within 5 guesses. The site features score tracking and achievements, and was built using server-side rendering features provided by Next.js.